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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Cake Decorating tips

Removing Stains on Fondant 

16th of December 2011

Salam and hye guys,
I thought of giving free cake decorating tips to other decorators in my free time.So here it goes , =)

Trouble-shooting tip no.1 ; TO CLEAN STAINS ON FONDANT CAKES

For this u'll need: Cotton buds and Lemon Juice

How to's :
1) Wet the cotton bud in lemon juice, ( careful not to drench it too much as it will leave a permanent stain on the cake and a SHINE ) and run it over the affected area.

Who'd ever thought right??? 

Yours truly, 


24th December 2011

Hye guys, I had a little time today and felt a bit generous so I'm giving extra tips.

Trouble-shooting tip no.2 ; WET FONDANT CAKES

How to's :
1) Now honestly at this point if it happens to your cake, mark my words , your first step is to CALM DOWN,don't go hysterical because you can fix this. ( truth be told i did go hysteric once thank goodness my mother calmed me down)
2) Before i tell you what to do u should first know why this happen in the first place.The reasons could be any of the following ;
a) Heavy raining outside while your windows are all open or
b) You freeze the cake and covered it with fondant when it still has cool temp or
c) Your cake is iced with a HIGH content of moisture buttercream or
rarely someone spilled water on your cake....
3) Now that u know why this happened, you can start by switching on your air-conditoner (if u have one) or if its raining, shut all windows and dry your cake under the fan or air-con.

TRUST ME THIS WORKS.... your cake will dry just fine.

haha, its like im trying to promote the air-con!im not btw =) 

Trouble shooting tip no .3 : FERMENTED CAKES

Now,fermentation in cakes in Malaysia are rare but this could happen.Firstly , fermentation is generally known as the process of turbulent change or development .There is no going back or anything to save you when your customer says your cake has gone BAD when u clearly know and calculated it's shelf-life that it is impossible for this to happen.

Now why did it???Okay theres a few reason;
a) You use milk or cream in yor cake or buttercream that causes it to radically change its state when exposed to excess heat ( Remember to also ADVICE your customer to NEVER PUT THE CAKE IN THE BONNET, it is extremely hot there and will cause your cake to either melt or go bad if your cake has milk in its contents )
b) You insert wired flowers without securing them with foil or putting them in flower picks( most people never do this but it is known that the wires are metal and they rust ESPECIALLY when u make lemon cakes or red velvet with cheese cream, metal rust in presence of water , oxygen and acid)

So now that that's done I can only advice you ,
1) If u bake cakes with milk in them, advice your customer the PROPER way to store it or perhaps try to change your recipe to a bater without milk or suggest the best cake with a long shelf life.
2) ALWAYS cover the wire of the wired flowers with FOIL ( theres a story that once in Canada a whole lot of people that attended this wedding was admitted to the hospital after food poisoning because of the cake that had rusted wires in it,the cake supplier was sued and closed business a week after) OR use flower picks.

Remember cover them IN FOIL 

I don't recommend this because it is extremely pricey. 

Yours truly ,

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